Occupation: Deputy Probation Officer (15.5 years)

Age: 42

My education and qualifications are: Education and public service are the top priorities for me. All three of my children are students in the Castro Valley School District, which provides our children with excellent educational opportunities in a safe, diverse learning environment. Taking care of our teachers in Castro Valley is essential, as they are the lifeblood for the future success of our children. I personally understand the value of a good education, as evidenced by the Bachelor of Science degree that I earned in criminal justice and the Master of Arts degree that I hold in counseling psychology. At Independent Elementary School, I have been elected twice to serve as the executive vice president of the PTA, working directly to benefit every child and for the enhancement of our school. As a deputy probation officer in Alameda County, my job is to protect our diverse community and to rehabilitate the offender. As a trustee of the Castro Valley Unified Board of Education, I promise to be honest, fair, and transparent, and to work tirelessly to improve the educational standards of our children. I will use my experience in the legal system and dedication to public service, to give each child an equal opportunity to excel in our schools.


Thanks To All

As the election results were certified last week, I want to thank all of you who supported me as a candidate for the Castro Valley District school board. I received almost 8K votes. Even though I came up short in the vote count, I will always treasure the experience of meeting new people, hearing new ideas and meeting some wonderful teachers in the campaign trail. Thanks for all the support.